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Does my wedding videographer ACTUALLY edit my video!? Does it MATTER?

Pros of hiring a wedding videographer who edits their videos themselves:

  1. Consistent style: When the videographer handles the editing personally, they have full control over the creative process. This can result in a more consistent style throughout the video, reflecting the videographer's vision and expertise.

  2. Direct communication: Working with a videographer who edits their own videos allows for direct communication between you and the person responsible for capturing and editing your wedding footage. This can facilitate a smoother collaboration and ensure that your specific preferences and requirements are met.

  3. Quick turnaround time: Since the videographer is in control of the editing process, they can potentially provide a quicker turnaround time for delivering the final edited video. There's no need to wait for additional coordination with an outsourced editor.

Cons of hiring a wedding videographer who edits their videos themselves:

  1. Limited perspective: A videographer who handles everything independently might have a more limited perspective during the editing process. They may not have the same outside perspective or fresh ideas that an experienced external editor can bring to the table.

  2. Time constraints: Editing videos is a time-consuming task. If the videographer is responsible for both filming and editing, it may take longer for them to complete the editing process, especially if they have multiple projects at the same time. This can result in potential delays in receiving the final edited video.

  3. Lack of specialization: A videographer who handles all aspects of the process may not be specialized solely in editing. While they may be skilled at capturing beautiful footage, their editing expertise might not be as extensive as that of a dedicated professional editor. This could impact the overall quality of the final edited video.

Pros of hiring a wedding videographer who outsources their editing:

  1. Fresh perspective: By outsourcing the editing process to a specialized professional, you gain the advantage of a fresh perspective on your wedding footage. An external editor may bring new ideas, creative techniques, and storytelling elements to enhance the overall quality of the video.

  2. Time management: By delegating the editing task, the videographer can focus on other aspects of their work, such as shooting additional weddings or providing better customer service. This can potentially lead to more efficient time management and ensure that your video is completed within the agreed-upon timeframe.

  3. Specialized expertise: A professional video editor who specializes in wedding videography can bring extensive experience and technical skills to the table. They are well-versed in editing techniques, storytelling, color grading, audio enhancement, and other aspects that contribute to a polished and visually appealing final product.

Cons of hiring a wedding videographer who outsources their editing:

  1. Potential disconnect: When the videographer outsources the editing process, there can be a disconnect between the person shooting the footage and the editor. This may result in a less cohesive video or a disconnect between your original vision and the final product.

  2. Communication challenges: Coordinating between multiple parties can sometimes pose communication challenges. Misunderstandings or delays in communication can lead to errors or misinterpretations in the editing process.

  3. Higher costs: Hiring a specialized external editor adds an additional cost to the overall package. If budget constraints are a concern, outsourcing the editing process might increase the total expense compared to working with a videographer who handles everything themselves.

Ultimately, the decision between hiring a wedding videographer who edits their videos themselves or someone who outsources their editing depends on your personal preferences, budget, timeline, and the level of expertise and creative vision you expect for your wedding video. There are many talented professionals whether outsourced or not. It's important to discuss these aspects with potential videographers and evaluate their portfolio and past work to make an informed decision


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