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RAW FOOTAGE for your wedding videography explained!


1.) Cost-effective:

One of the main advantages of purchasing just the raw footage of your wedding is that it can be significantly cheaper than buying a fully edited video. When you purchase raw footage, you don't have to pay for the time and effort it takes to edit the video, which can result in significant cost savings.

2.) More control:

When you have the raw footage, you have complete control over what you want to include in the final video. You can review all the footage yourself and decide which moments are most important to you, and then ask your editor to include those moments in the final video. This gives you a more personalized and customized video that is tailored to your preferences.

3.) Authenticity:

Raw footage captures the day exactly as it happened, without any editing or post-production. This gives you a more authentic look at your wedding, with all the unscripted moments and candid interactions that make your day unique.

4.) Keepsake:

Having the raw footage can be a valuable keepsake for you and your partner, allowing you to relive the day and remember all the moments that made it special. You can watch the raw footage whenever you want, without having to worry about a finished product being lost or damaged.


1.) Requires editing skills:

If you plan on editing the footage yourself, you'll need to have some editing skills, software, and hardware to do so. Without these skills, you may struggle to create a polished and professional-looking video that you'll be proud to share with others.

2.) Time-consuming:

Editing raw footage can be a time-consuming process, which may not be feasible if you're short on time or have other priorities. It can take many hours to review and edit all the footage, and you may need to invest in specialized software or hardware to do the job properly.

3.) No guarantee of quality:

When you purchase raw footage, you don't have any assurance of the quality of the video. You may end up with footage that's shaky or poorly framed, making it difficult to watch. If you want a high-quality video that showcases your wedding in the best possible light, you may need to hire a professional videographer or editor.

4.) Lack of storytelling:

Raw footage does not tell a cohesive story of your wedding day, as it lacks the narrative flow that comes from editing. You may miss out on capturing the emotion and atmosphere of the day without a professional editor to guide the process. A well-edited video can help you relive the day in a more meaningful and emotionally resonant way, capturing the essence of the day and bringing it to life in a way that raw footage cannot.

While some couples do opt to purchase only the raw footage of their wedding, it's not the most common choice. Most couples choose to purchase a fully edited video that includes highlights from the day, music, and other special effects that make the video more engaging and enjoyable to watch. If you do decide to purchase the raw footage, consider purchasing this in addition to a fully edited video. This way you still have everything as a backup.


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