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As one if the highest rated companies offering Colorado funeral videography, we aim to preserve the legacy of your loved one. Our affordable, respectful, and moving tributes help to perfectly celebrate and remember the lives of those who have passed on.

We are here to help you and your loved ones cherish the memory, and share the day with those who aren’t able to make the services.

Funeral/Memorial Service

Up to 1 hr of ceremony coverage

(For additional hour add $150)

3-day-turnaround time

Multiple Camera Angles

Fully Edited Film

Digital Delivery via Google Drive

*Add livestream for additional $150


Funeral/Memorial LiveStream 

Up to 1 hr of ceremony coverage

(For additional hour add $75)

Single camera coverage

Wireless mic available

Downloadable within 24 hrs of service conclusion



We also offer a wireless bluetooth speaker with mics for $75 those services that may be outdoors

Out of respect, we don't post our memorial services on social media, however if you would like to view a sample of our work, we can certainly provide you with a link to do so.


Contact us today for more info

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