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Did your videographer or photographer CANCEL the contract just days or weeks before your ceremony!?

It's important to note that these reasons are hypothetical and may not reflect the majority of professionals in the industry, but here are a few possibilities of why your photographer/videographer actually cancelled on you:

  1. Lack of Confidence: The videographer or photographer might review the wedding details, venue, or the couple's vision and feel that they lack the necessary skills or experience to capture the event as expected. They may choose to cancel in order to avoid delivering subpar results and potentially damaging their reputation. Even though cancelling so close to the wedding could also damage their reputation, they may have gotten so nervous or anxious because they lack experience that they were willing to cancel versus worrying about making major mistakes.

  2. Creative Differences: After further discussions or pre-wedding meetings, the professional may realize that their artistic style or approach does not align with the couple's preferences. If they believe they won't be able to meet the couple's expectations, they might choose to cancel to avoid potential conflicts or dissatisfaction. Although this is a less likely scenario, it is still possible. Especially as the date starts to get closer, the photographer/videographer may start to feel overwhelmed if a couple seems to be micromanaging the whole process before the actual wedding date. The photographer/videographer may even begin to think that no matter how the video or photos turn out, it will never satisfy the couple and it's just best to cancel in order to avoid further potential problems.

  3. Personality Clashes: Sometimes, during the planning process, conflicts or clashes in personalities may arise between the couple and the videographer or photographer. If tensions escalate or there's a breakdown in communication, the professional may decide it's best to cancel to avoid a potentially unpleasant or unproductive working relationship. This sort of goes along with what was said in creative differences as well.

  4. Ethical or Moral Concerns: In certain cases, the professional may discover information about the couple or the wedding that conflicts with their personal beliefs or values. This could include religious, cultural, or ethical factors that make them uncomfortable or unwilling to proceed with the job.

  5. Professional Advancement: If the videographer or photographer receives a significant offer or opportunity elsewhere, such as a high-profile event or a prestigious assignment, they may choose to cancel your wedding to pursue the career advancement opportunity. While it can be disappointing for the couple, it might be an opportunity they cannot pass up. This is very likely if an offer comes along that pays more. This is something that seems to happen most often when a photographer or videographer cancels and is more likely when hiring someone that for an extremely low amount compared with the market price of the services requested.

  6. Hiring Friends or Family: This one should go without saying, but when a couple decides to go this route, it generally doesn't work out well. Friends and family invited to your wedding want to enjoy themselves. Unless they are a professional and you have a contract or written agreement (which you should have in EVERY scenario mentioned!), there is a high chance that they will change their mind at worst, or at best, they will still do the work, but likely miss a lot of the important events.

It's important to reiterate that these reasons may not be common or prevalent in the industry, and most professionals strive to fulfill their commitments and provide the best service possible. However, in rare instances, some of these factors could potentially contribute to a cancellation. Make sure you are doing your due diligence and vetting, asking questions and comparing all of your options. Even though money is always a concern, this should not be your primary focus. Make sure you hire someone you trust. It's difficult to connect with someone thru text or emails, so if possible, meet them face-to-face or communicate on the phone. Ask them about their experiences, if they have reviews and what their back up plan is, if they do have to cancel.


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