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Here are just some of the reasons why choosing a top Denver, Colorado wedding videographer such as Veiled Rose Films for your wedding day could be one of the smartest moves you can make!

1.) We have the experience. It's very rare that a wedding goes completely as planned. As a videographer there is always some challenge than awaits. Whether it's an odd setup, to mics dropping out or not working, to new things being added to the timeline, or maybe the lights get turned down halfway thru the first dance, there is almost ALWAYS something that doesn't go as planned. For these reasons, you want to hire someone that has been thru all of that and knows how to overcome the challenges. We have been in business over a decade and have seen it all. 

2.) We capture the highest quality audio. It goes without saying that audio is just as important to the film as the film itself. Maybe even more so. We actually wrote a blog about the importance of audio which you can check out here. Some videographers don't even use mics!! Not only do we use mics, we have plenty of redundancy. We make sure to capture the best possible audio of your vows, special readers, officiant and toasts and anything else that might need captured in order to make your video the best we can possibly make it.

3.) We have the best customer service. 

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