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I'm on the fence about getting a wedding video, why should I have it done?

Think about your future self at 60-years-old or even 80. Think about your future anniversaries 20 and 30 years from now when all of our memories begin to fade. The sounds, faces, voices, details, laughter, music, as well as all of those that have come and gone, young and old. How will you remember your vows or what your loved ones said during the toasts? Ask yourself how you will remember it all or how your children or even grandchildren will remember it. And these are just some of the why reasons why you should have it done.

Do you only serve areas beyond the Denver area? If so, is there an extra fee?

Yes! Although some of our business occurs in or around the Denver area, a good deal of our business occurs in the mountain areas such as, Breckenridge and Vail.  There is no extra fee for travel within a 100 mile radius of downtown Denver. 

What "style" do you shoot in?

We consider ourselves a style of documentary with storytelling elements. For the most part, activities of the day appear in a chronological order. Sections outside the ceremony and toasts have a more creative element to them and are underscored with music and subtle effects. We welcome you to take a look at our video samples for an idea of our style.

Are we able to add additional services that aren't included in our package?

Definately! We understand that you may want additional sections or maybe an extra videographer. If you have questions on adding or substituting services from a package just contact us for a quote.

Will the wedding videographer ruin the atmosphere and annoy our guests?

A skilled wedding videographer, for the most part, will generally remain unseen at a wedding. Although they must be highly skilled at staying unobtrusive to everyone at the wedding, there may be times when we need to provide a small amount of direction during the course of the day (in much the same way as a photographer would). This is simply to ensure that we capture your day in the best possible way, and we keep this to an absolute minimum. Also, fortunately for wedding video, it does not require a flash!

Do you use bright lights?

No. We use the optics of the camera to obtain the maximum quality video under the given conditions. We use video cameras that have great low-light capabilities, but in some rare occasions we use small, camera mounted lights to add to the ambient light, but only where permitted. Some locations such as churches, do not allow using any lighting at all. We are well versed in all the limitations of different locations, and in getting the best video captured by our professional video equipment.

Do you record in high definition (HD) ?

An emphatic yes! We record everything in high definition and also have the ability to record in 4K! If you like, you can add 4K to any package.

Can you tell me how 4K works in your video?

Certainly. 4K is twice the pixel resolution of Blu-ray. While most people do not have 4K televisions yet, when adding 4K to your package keep in mind you will not notice a difference without a 4K television. However, getting 4K video will future proof your video for the best resolution. Also when downconverting to 1080p (also known as HD) you will generally get a better resolution from your Blu-ray than one that was recorded in HD. It's definitely worth the investment to shoot in 4K if your budget allows it.

What is the turn around time from the wedding date to the finished video?

It can take up to eight weeks for the entire video to be finished. Factors such as payment and song choices can also speed up or delay the process.

How long will an edited wedding video run for?

This can depend on the package as well as how long the ceremony lasts. The shortest we've ever had was maybe 30 minutes because the ceremony was only 10 minutes long. The longest was nearly an hour and a half with a ceremony that was over 45 minutes long. The timing can also vary depending on extra sections such as "choreographed dances" or a "video toasts" section.

Can we provide our own music to feature in the background of the video?

Yes. We’re more than happy to take suggestions. However, unless it is something extremely special to you, we cannot guarantee that we will use it. Music is an integral part of the story-telling process, and in order to tell your story effectively, we need to have full creative control. In addition, not every song can be used, due to copyright and legality issues. Rest assured, we’re good at finding beautiful, effective, licensed music to be used for your wedding videography.

How much of a retainer is required? 

We ask for a retainer of 30% of the total. For example if you total is $1300 then your deposit would be $390. The retainer allows us to hold the date The balance is expected two weeks prior to the ceremony. 

What sections are included?

While every wedding is different and you do have the option to add or remove additional sections, we do have an idea of sections that are included in most videos. These include but are not limited to: Pre-ceremony (His/Her/Together sections), ceremony, reception intro, first dance, father/daughter dance, mother/son dance, toasts, cake cutting, fast dance, slow dance, guest toasts, highlight trailer. 

What are "Shout Outs"?

Shout Outs are generally done at the end of the evening after all other footage has been shot. We setup a manned camera and microphone in an area that is away from the music and we allow anyone who wants to to make a toast and say some words to the new bride and groom. Couples and guests love this option! It's always a nice surprise and often times very humorous to see what your friends and family had to say.

Can you just video my ceremony?

Of course! I also offer a basic package which includes the ceremony thru to end of the first dance for $700. You will get the same high quality video and the groom will be mic'd for the vows. 

We really only want a trailer, is this possible?

Yes. For $850, I can shoot your wedding day, Ceremony to end of reception (up to 7 hours), and give you just a trailer. I will keep all the raw footage and if you decide you would like a full video or even the raw footage, you can always pay additional for it later. 

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